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RIS citation export for WEPB11: Spatial Resolution Improvement of OTR Monitors by Off-axis Light Collection

AU - Potylitsyn, A.
AU - Kube, G.
AU - Novokshonov, A.I.
AU - Sukhikh, L.G.
ED - Schaa, Volker RW
TI - Spatial Resolution Improvement of OTR Monitors by Off-axis Light Collection
J2 - Proc. of IBIC2018, Shanghai, China, 9-13 September 2018
C1 - Shanghai, China
T2 - International Beam Instrumentation Conference
T3 - 7
LA - english
AB - The spatial resolution of an OTR monitor for electron beam profile diagnostics is determined by the resolution of the optical system and by the Point Spread Function (PSF) representing the single electron image. In the image plane, the PSF has a typical lobe-shape distribution with an inter-peak distance depending on wavelength and lens aperture ratio [*]. For a beam with a transverse rms size smaller than the distance, the reconstruction of the beam profile has several difficulties [**, ***]. We propose to reduce the PSF contribution and to improve the spatial resolution of an OTR monitor simply by rotating the lens optical axis with respect to the specular reflection direction. If the difference between the rotational angle and the lens aperture is much larger than the inverse Lorentz factor, the PSF has a Gaussian-like distribution which matches practically with the Airy distribution. Thus the resolution depends on wavelength and lens aperture. In principle, for lens apertures in the order of 0.1 rad such an approach should allow to measure beam sizes comparable to the wavelength of observation, using a simple deconvolution procedure for the measured image and the PSF.
PB - JACoW Publishing
CP - Geneva, Switzerland
SP - 451
EP - 454
KW - radiation
KW - electron
KW - target
KW - diagnostics
DA - 2018/11
PY - 2018
SN - 978-3-95450-201-1
DO - 10.18429/JACoW-IBIC2018-WEPB11
UR - http://jacow.org/ibic2018/papers/wepb11.pdf
ER -