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BiBTeX citation export for WEPC08: Optical System of Beam Induced Fluorescence Monitor Toward MW Beam Power at the J-PARC Neutrino Beamline

  author       = {S.V. Cao and M.L. Friend and M. Hartz and A. Nakamura and K. Sakashita},
  title        = {{O}ptical {S}ystem of {B}eam {I}nduced {F}luorescence {M}onitor {T}oward {MW} {B}eam {P}ower at the {J-PARC} {N}eutrino {B}eamline},
  booktitle    = {Proc. 7th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC'18),
                  Shanghai, China, 9-13 September 2018},
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  paper        = {WEPC08},
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  doi          = {doi:10.18429/JACoW-IBIC2018-WEPC08},
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