Author: Ferro-Luzzi, M.
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WEPB13 Beam-Gas Imaging Measurements at LHCb 459
  • G.R. Coombs, M. Ferro-Luzzi, R. Matev
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The LHCb detector is one of the four large particle physics experiments situated around the LHC ring. The excellent spatial resolution of the experiment's vertex locator (VELO) and tracking system allows the accurate reconstruction of interactions between the LHC beam and either residual or injected gas molecules. These reconstructed beam-gas interactions gives LHCb the ability, unique among experiments, to measure the shape and the longitudinal distribution of the beams. Analysis methods were originally developed for the purpose of absolute luminosity calibration, achieving an unprecedented precision of 1.2% in Run I. They have since been extended and applied for online beam-profile monitoring that is continuously published to the LHC, for dedicated cross-calibration with other LHC beam profile monitors and for studies of the dynamic vacuum effects due to the proximity of the VELO subdetector to the beam. In this talk, we give an overview of the LHCb experience with beam-gas imaging techniques, we present recent results on the outlined topics and we summarise the developments that are being pursued for the ultimate understanding of the Run II measurements.  
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