Author: Liu, L.
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WEPA06 Thermal Coefficient of Delay Measurement of the New Phase Stable Optical Fiber * 383
  • L. Liu, X. Ma, G. Pei
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  The Thermal Coefficient of Delay (TCD) is an essen-tial parameter of optical fiber which determines a fiber's phase transfer stability due to temperature variation. The TCD of a new phase stable single mode optical fiber (YPSOC) from Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Compa-ny (YOFC) is measured. The radio frequency (RF) signal is modulated to optical wave by a laser module which is transmitted through the 400-meter long YPSOC to be measured. The returned optical wave is demodulated to RF signal by the photodetector. A phase detector and a data acquisition module (DAQ) are used to acquire the phase difference between the forward and returned sig-nals. Two temperature-stabilized cabinets are designed to maintain and control the ambient temperature of the measurement system. The TCD of less than 10ps/km/K at room temperature is obtained. YPSOC and the meas-urement platform can be applied on signal transmission or measurement system that need to compensate the temperature drift.  
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