Author: Lu, Y.H.
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MOPC19 Virtual Signal Spectrum Analyzer Development Based On RedPitaya and EPICS for Tune Measurement in BEPCII 159
  • Y.H. Lu, J. He
    IHEP, People's Republic of China
  An independent tune measurement system was developed in BEPCII with Direct Diode Detect (3D) technique. The system includes two diagonal electrode signals of a set of BPM, a self-developed board based on Direct Diode Detect (3D) technique, and a commercial virtual spectrum analyzer with a proprietary GUI client. Based on the open source digital electronics RedPitaya and open source software Spectrum, a device driver was developed based on EPICS and ASYN support for replacement of the commercial virtual spectrum analyzers and integration with the central system EPICS. According to the application requirements of tune measurement in BEPCII, the device driver finds the frequency point and power value corresponding to the X&Y tune between 631 to 800 kHz. The spectral resolution is 119 Hz. An EPICS IOC was built and run on RedPitaya for accessing the device driver. A CSS-based user interface shows the signal's power spectra and the tune frequency directly.  
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