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MOPC14 The Design of Dose Parameter Acquisition and Control System for a Pencil Beam Scanning System in HUST-PTF controls, proton, monitoring, software 143
  • Y.Y. Hu, H.D. Guo, H. Lei, X.Y. Li, Y.J. Lin, P. Tan, Y.C. Yu
    HUST, Wuhan, People's Republic of China
  Pencil beam scanning (PBS) technology is a flexible and accurate dose delivery technology in proton therapy, which can deliver beams adapting to irregularly shaped tumors, while it requires precise diagnostic and real-time control of the beam dose and position. In this paper,a dose parameter acquisition and control system for the pencil beam scanning system based on the EPICS and LabVIEW is designed for HUST-PTF. The EPICS environment is built to realize the data exchange function between the front-end devices and control system. A channel access server(CAS)is designed to convert treatment parameters into the process variables (PVs) and expose them to the network for data sharing. Under current experimental conditions, the simulated beam current is generated according to the dose parameters in the treatment plan file. The current are processed by a digital electrometer and transmitted to the EPICS database in real time. Then the control system user interface based on LabVIEW is realized for displaying and parameter analysis.  
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MOPC19 Virtual Signal Spectrum Analyzer Development Based On RedPitaya and EPICS for Tune Measurement in BEPCII controls, synchrotron, collider, interface 159
  • Y.H. Lu, J. He
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  An independent tune measurement system was developed in BEPCII with Direct Diode Detect (3D) technique. The system includes two diagonal electrode signals of a set of BPM, a self-developed board based on Direct Diode Detect (3D) technique, and a commercial virtual spectrum analyzer with a proprietary GUI client. Based on the open source digital electronics RedPitaya and open source software Spectrum, a device driver was developed based on EPICS and ASYN support for replacement of the commercial virtual spectrum analyzers and integration with the central system EPICS. According to the application requirements of tune measurement in BEPCII, the device driver finds the frequency point and power value corresponding to the X&Y tune between 631 to 800 kHz. The spectral resolution is 119 Hz. An EPICS IOC was built and run on RedPitaya for accessing the device driver. A CSS-based user interface shows the signal's power spectra and the tune frequency directly.  
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TUPC04 BPM System Upgrade at COSY controls, electron, operation, electronics 303
  • V. Kamerdzhiev, I. Bekman, C. Böhme, B. Lorentz, S. Merzliakov, P. Niedermayer, K. Reimers, M. Simon, M. Thelen
    FZJ, Jülich, Germany
  The beam position monitoring system of the Cooler Synchrotron (COSY) has been upgraded in 2017. The upgrade was driven by the requirement of the JEDI collaboration to significantly improve the orbit control and by the electronics approaching end-of-life. The entire signal processing chain has been replaced. The new low noise amplifiers, mounted directly on the BPM vacuum feedthroughs, were developed in-house and include adjustable gain in 80 dB rage and in-situ test and calibration capabilities. The signals are digitized and processed by means of commercial BPM signal processing units featuring embedded EPICS IOC. The decision path, technical details of the upgrade and performance of the new system are presented.  
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