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TUOC01 Integration of a Pilot-Tone Based BPM System Within the Global Orbit Feedback Environment of Elettra FPGA, controls, electron, feedback 190
  • G. Brajnik, S. Bassanese, G. Cautero, S. Cleva, R. De Monte
    Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A., Basovizza, Italy
  In this contribution, we describe the advantages of the pilot tone compensation technique that we implemented in a new BPM prototype for Elettra 2.0. Injecting a fixed reference tone upstream of cables allows for a continuous calibration of the system, compensating the different behaviour of every channel due to thermal drifts, variations of cable properties, mismatches and tolerances of components. The system ran successfully as a drop-in substitute for a Libera Electron not only during various machine shifts, but also during a user dedicated beamtime shift for more than 10 hours, behaving in a transparent way for all the control systems and users. The equivalent RMS noise (at 10 kHz data rate) for the pilot tone position was less than 200 nm on a 19 mm vacuum chamber radius, with a long-term stability better than 1 um in a 12-hour window. Two main steps led to this important result: firstly, the development of a novel RF front end that adds the pilot tone to the signals originated by the beam, secondly, the realisation of an FPGA-based double digital receiver that demodulates both beam and pilot amplitudes, calculating the compensated X and Y positions.  
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TUOC03 Commissioning of the Open Source Sirius BPM Electronics electron, electronics, controls, FPGA 196
  • S.R. Marques, G.B.M. Bruno, L.M. Russo, H.A. Silva, D.O. Tavares
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  The new Brazilian 4th generation light source, Sirius, have already started and commissioning is planned to start in 2018. This paper will report on the manufacturing, deployment and production batch testing of the in-house developed BPM electronics. The latest performance and reliability achievements will be presented.  
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